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M8KSU-60 SurgeGate 8 KSU (145D) Surge Protector

SurgeGate Premier Series 8-outlet AC Surge Protector M8KSU 8 KSU (145D), with SurgeGate Plus Circuitry & Modular Mounting Capabilities. Applications: SOHO, KSU, PBX, Routers, Gateways, Servers.

ITW Linx

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MCO25-60 SurgeGate CO/25 (146F) Surge Protector

Surgegate MCO25-60 CO/25 (146F) Analog station set and central office line protector, protects 25-Pairs Using RJ-21X (Amphenol) Connectors (Pins 1-50, Male In / Female Out).

ITW Linx

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MCO4X4-60 SurgeGate CO/4x4 (146C) Surge Protector