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Headset Compatibility Guide - Phone Models

Select your Nortel phone model below to find compatible headsets

Nortel 1120e

Nortel 1140e

Nortel 1150e

Nortel 1165E

Nortel 1210

Nortel 1220

Nortel 1230

Nortel 2465

Nortel 2564

Nortel 554

Nortel 564

Nortel 565

Nortel 7406

Nortel 8540

Nortel 9617

Nortel ACD I (M2216)

Nortel ACD II (M2216)

Nortel ACD Set: QSU1

Nortel ACD Set: QSU3

Nortel ACD Set: QSU7

Nortel Agent Console

Nortel Agent Console NT4X094B

Nortel Agent Console NT4X09AG

Nortel Bell Vista

Nortel C3060

Nortel Companion

Nortel Computer Terminal NT4X73

Nortel Debut

Nortel DMS 100 Console

Nortel Harmony: 800FWE-01

Nortel i2002

Nortel i2004

Nortel i2004 IP

Nortel i2004 Phase II

Nortel i2004 POE (Powered Over the Ethernet)

Nortel i2050

Nortel i2052

Nortel i733

Nortel IP Phone 4101

Nortel IP Softphone 2050

Nortel IP Softphone i2050

Nortel Jazz Series

Nortel M1009

Nortel M1109

Nortel M1250

Nortel M1309

Nortel M2006

Nortel M2008

Nortel M2008HF

Nortel M2009

Nortel M2018

Nortel M2112

Nortel M2216 (ACD 1)

Nortel M2216 (ACD II)

Nortel M2250

Nortel M2317

Nortel M2616

Nortel M3310

Nortel M3820

Nortel M3820EE

Nortel M3901

Nortel M3902

Nortel M3903\M3904

Nortel M3905 ACD

Nortel M4000 & M4020

Nortel M5006

Nortel M5008

Nortel M5009

Nortel M5112

Nortel M5208

Nortel M5209

Nortel M5212

Nortel M5216

Nortel M5312

Nortel M5316

Nortel M5317

Nortel M6310

Nortel M6320

Nortel M7100

Nortel M7208

Nortel M7308

Nortel M7310

Nortel M7310N

Nortel M7316

Nortel M7324

Nortel M7900

Nortel M8001 & M8003

Nortel M8009

Nortel M8300

Nortel M8314

Nortel M8400

Nortel M8417

Nortel M8600

Nortel M9009 & M9516

Nortel M9216

Nortel M9316

Nortel M9417

Nortel Maestro Series

Nortel Meridian 1 Attendant PC

Nortel Norstar

Nortel NT DU 92

Nortel Power Touch

Nortel Pro 189

Nortel QCN & QCW Series

Nortel QSFE & QSKE Series

Nortel QSK & QSQ Series

Nortel QSU Consoles

Nortel Quick Touch: 8001FWE-42

Nortel Rapport

Nortel Rapport Plus

Nortel Service Attendant Console: NT4X09AG

Nortel Silhouette: 8003-FWE-42

Nortel Smile

Nortel T.O.P Station

Nortel T7100

Nortel T7208

Nortel T7316

Nortel T7406

Nortel Tarus

Nortel Vantage 12\24\48\48C & 8

Nortel Vantage Espirit/Plus & Modular

Nortel Venture

Nortel Vista 350

Nortel Vista/Powertouch 480

Nortel Vista/Powertouch 480e

Nortel Vista/Powertouch 480i

Nortel WLAN 2210 Wireless IP Handset

Nortel WLAN 2211 Wireless IP Handset

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