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Plantronics 66268-02 A10 Direct Connect Cable



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Plantronics 66268-02 A10 Direct Connect Cable


A10 Direct Connect Cable (boxed)


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Manufacturer: Poly

Part Number: 66268-02

Packaging: Boxed

Plantronics A10 Cord (P/N 66268-01, formerly P/N 33669-01) is a special cord (QD - Modular) which allows for an H-series headset to be adapted to headset-ready phones which would normally take a P-series Polaris headset. The typical application for these cords is a call center or office already equipped with H-series headsets, and a new Polaris-compatible phone system is purchased. By buying these cords, you can keep your existing headsets rather than having to buy new Polaris-versions. Due to the specialized nature of this particular cord, please contact us to determine if this is the correct cord for you to be certain before ordering. There are several different cords which look the same so if you have any doubts about the part number you need, please call us and provide your telephone brand name and model number for personalized advice.

Wideband Audio Direct Connect Solution with New A10 Cable Based on customer demand for wideband with direct connect solutions, Plantronics is updating the A10-16 direct connect cable to support wideband audio. Adding wideband support to the A10-16 means that it will be compatible with wideband direct connect solutions in addition to being compatible with the installed base of narrowband phones using H-series headsets. With the new Wideband SupraPlus(R) headset, the A10-16 supports the latest wideband audio performance available in a direct connect solution. The new version of the A10-16 will begin shipping early December with the part number 66268-02, replacing the current A10-16 that supports narrowband only (part number 66268-01 to be discontinued). The part number has been updated but the UPC code will remain unchanged.

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66268, Wideband Audio Cable, a10, Plantronics Direct Connect Cable, A-10 Cable, A-10-16

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