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ZoomSwitch ZMS20-UC USB Switch to Use a Headset on Your Phone and PC with Volume and Mute



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ZoomSwitch ZMS20-UC USB Switch to Use a Headset on Your Phone and PC with Volume and Mute


Revolutionary headset switch for truly unified communications. Connect any headset to any desk phone, wired or wireless, then ZoomSwitch to your PC or laptop voice/audio and back again with the click of a button.

ZMS20-UC - Zoomswitch


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ZMS20-UC - Zoomswitch


Manufacturer: ZoomSwitch

Part Number: ZMS20-UC

Innovative ZoomSwitch™ technology allows users to access phone and computer communications through their existing wireless office headset, corded office headset, or telephone handset, thus eliminating the need for one headset or handset for phone communication and another for computer applications. Users can now seamlessly switch between a desk phone and computer at the touch of a button. The ZoomSwitch™ provides additional privacy and security in an office setting by giving people the ability to listen to online content and conduct softphone conversations through their headset or telephone handset.

The newest development in ZoomSwitch™ technology, the ZoomSwitch ZMS20-UC ™, is optimized for unified communications functionality and provides users even more control over their phone and computer communications. Building on ZoomSwitch’s popular ZMS10 technology, the new ZMS20-UC offers an enhanced set of features inspired by the latest trends in business communications.

The plug and play functionality of the ZoomSwitch™ allows the device to be connected to a computer and phone using the supplied USB cable and 4P4C (RJ9) handset cord. The ZoomSwitch™ is compatible with all major headset brands and models that are made to connect to a telephone handset or headset port (RJ9 jack), including Plantronics®. It has been tested to work and sound great with products such as Skype, Microsoft Office Communicator, Cisco IP Communicator, IBM Sametime, Avaya One X, Google Voice, Dragon Naturally Speaking and many more. ZMS20-UC features a Cisco direct connect phone compatibility switch. Plug and play with Windows, Mac and other operating systems.

The ZMS20-UC increases ease of use by including a volume control and mute button directly on the device. Users are now able to control computer volume with a dial on the side of the ZoomSwitch UC™. The mute button, conveniently-located on the top of the device, provides the ability to quickly mute the mic.

The ZoomSwitch’s simple design also features a large button to toggle between phone mode and USB (PC) mode, and a bright LED light indicates which mode is in use; red for USB and green for phone.

  • Listen to music on your headset between phone calls
  • Switch back to your office phone calls on-the-fly by pressing a button
  • Make VoIP, Skype, or video chats using your wireless office telephone headset
  • Dictate into speech recognition software using your headset or phone handset
  • Listen to online webinars or online training classes on your headset
  • Use Avaya, Cisco, Nortel or other softphones to make PC-enabled calls
  • Keep computer's sound private no more playback though your speakers
  • Use your office headset in place of your PC speaker and microphone

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Headset Switch, ZoomSwitch ZMS20-UC, ZMS-20, ZMS20-UC, Zoom Switch, ZoomSwitch, USB Switch, PC Switch, ZMS20-UC


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