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Avaya 4610 One-X Quick Edition Telephone

The Avaya 4610 One-X Quick Edition telephone is a cost effective telephone providing high performance to mid-level users. The large display area allows up to 6 application-specific buttons to be presented and labeled at one time.

Avaya Definity 4610SW IP Telephone

The 4610SW IP Telephone provides a medium screen graphic display, paperless button labels, call log, speed dial, 12 programmable feature keys, Web browser, and full duplex speakerphone. It also includes a 2 port Ethernet switch.

Avaya 4621 One-X Quick Edition Telephone

The 4621 One-X Quick Edition Telephone is an innovative telephone offers the latest features and applications. The large display area allows up to 12 application-specific buttons to be presented and labeled at one time.

Avaya Definity 4621SW IP Telephone

The 4621SW IP Telephone is based on the 4620SW with the same housing, feature buttons and software along with an enhanced backlit display. The 4621SW supports the new EU24BL (backlit expansion module) and also includes a 2-port Ethernet switch.

Avaya Definity 4622SW IP Telephone

The 4622SW IP Telephone is built specifically for the contact center environment. Based on the 4621SW, the 4622SW offers the same backlit display and array of feature buttons. The 4622SW provides two headset jacks and eliminates components not required within the call center including a handset* and speaker.

*Handsets are supported – it can be connected to one of the available headset jacks

Avaya Definity 4625SW IP Telephone

The 4625SW IP Telephone provides a brilliant color display. Also based on the 4621 in terms of line appearances and feature buttons, the 4625 is an ideal device to support applications within the Avaya Phone Application Suite.


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